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This story is the poetic re - enactment of the pain. It is every human's tale of ultimate celebration and rebirth in the night. The beauty and power of the images and words will stay with you long after the book is set aside."

Anything that can bring a people nearer to a knowledge and grasp of their heritage is worth our attention. I come to Get Me deserves this and more."

Excellently written and illustrated. A true storyteller, Ferguson's historical account of the African roots of Junkanoo is as compelling as the emotional roller coaster of the preparation ... the planning, fine-tuning, the heightened sense of secracy, the anticipation; and finally to the build -up of the great event. One has a sense of being there with her, experiencing the smells, taste, sounds, the sweat, the visual spectacle of the explosion of creative talent and energy and the joy of achievement, then the thrill of the great climax. This volume is a must for anyone interested in the festival Arts of the Caribbean."



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