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Print Management

Indigo provides one-stop print management services. We endeavour to deliver the best of our efforts to our clients. With fifteen years experience in complete communication services, we have come a long way in this service industry. As a team of professionals  we have strived to set standards in this industry and we are very proud to say so

Our USP is honest prices for self publishers, timely delivery and a complete package which can include designing, layout and jacket cover for the books, designing promotional material like flyers, digital posters etc. and also combining a website, alternatively the book can be listed on our website with a complete page for the author. We can also do editorial work like proofreading etc. at a nominal cost. We  also do multimedia CDROMS, both authoring and replication with high quality 4 color printing on the CDROM.

To support our graphic design skills, we put a lot of effort into pre-press production.State of the art Digital scanners, Digital printers are part of our standard equipment which we constantly upgrade to meet with the needs of our clients.

For printed publications, most production work is handled in-house. Our electronic finishing artists do all scanning, text handling and preparation of files for output.We have the expertise to do color corrections,and restoration and enhancement of old yellowed pictures for your publication. Most color scanning is done in-house, with some outsourced depending on the requirements of the project. We are conversant on both the IBM and Macintosh Platform

Offset printing is done on new generation Heidelberg Computer Print Control Machines (CPC) with alcohol damping and inline UV varnishing. The entire process from design to the final production of the book is possible three weeks after approval of print proofs.Our Binding unit can do automated or hand finished book binding specialising in Paper Backs and Hard Cover Books. We can also execute special orders for gilt-edged leather binding with gold leaf embossing. For specialty finishing work we can do spot UV varnishing, embossing, die cutting, film lamination, silk screen printing. We also specialise in printing and binding on 100% wood free,acid free recycled handmade paper for clients who are concerned about saving our environment.

Our costings are the most competitive, so go ahead and ask us to quote for your job now! We will give you prices inclusive of air or sea freight-whichever you may prefer. Mail us at admin@indigopress.com for any other queries.

Graphic Design

We have an in-house graphic design department doing a wide range of work from, visiting card design to color corporate brochures. We work across a broad range of projects: some large, some small. The diversity keeps us fresh and responsive to our clients’ needs. We aim to build up long-term relationships with our clients -- once we have your trust, we can achieve better and more innovative solutions. Our main areas of expertise include corporate identity and publication design.

Our experience includes a wide range of projects. Some are large print runs, such as an ongoing series of sponsored or state funded projects. Others are large in size, of more than 10,000 copies to print runs as small as 300 copies!

Project Consultancy

We can assemble the team of professionals and suppliers required to complete a project -- writers, illustrators, photographers, multimedia professionals, public relations consultants, computer programmers

We are responsible for assembling teams, then making them work. We know lots of  management jargon but in the end it comes down to knowing who’ll be right for a particular project and how to get the best from them so that deadlines are met and budgets are adhered to. Clients’ interests are the driving force. We’re in it for the long haul; we want you to give us a second project, and a third. Our clients generally do.

In summary, these are the key strengths that we believe make our business successful:

• ethics and trust, we mean what we say and will stand by our commitment
• insistence on quality
• Our ability to interpret and work within client instructions, including time and
  budget constraints.
• To provide a level of service that consistently meets our clients’ needs. .

Our Clients

Action Aid
Odessy Books
Pragati Foundation
Ramakrishna Mahasamelan Trust
Foundation Of Human & Economic Development, USA
Jackson Burnside II - Doongalik Studios, The Bahamas
Jason Evans -Thought Katchers, The Bahamas
Coach Bradley Cooper, The Bahamas
Arlene Fergusson, Bahamas Edu Culture
Ankusara,The Bahamas

Indo Asian
Global Citizenship Inc., USA
ask for more....

Complete References can be provided on request
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