Classical Masterpieces 

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CC092. Claude Monet 1840 - 1926 The Weeping Willow, 1923 Canvas 110 * 100cm. Private collection.
CC093. Pierre - Auguste Renoir 1841 1919.Girls on the seashore, 1894. Canvas,55 * 46 cm. private collection. The effects of light and movemet are the painting in which the figures are suggested with light tones.


CC094,Edger Degas, 18343-1817,The Blue Dancers 1890 Canvas, 85 * 75 cm.,,Paris, Musee d' Orsay. The ballet world is one of Degar's main subjects
CC101. "The Engagement, Still Life 1869(32*29cm) by Henri Fantin Latour Grenoble, Musee des Beaux Arts.
CC063, Jan Van Huysum, Dutch, 1682-1749"A Flower Piece" 1722. Hand colored mexxotint by Richard Earlom,  1778.62.3*47.5cm, 55.1842cm.