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Jaya V. Chala

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Being involved all the time with software and all other seemingly serious aspects of earning a living makes us all a bit too engrossed in the material world. There are other things in life too. Things that go to our soul. So, one gorgeous  rainy evening in July, we, the slaves at Wondersoft, decided  to cut off the shackles. Let there be colour, our souls cried out. Let the extraordinary reign! What you see below is our sincere tribute to our eternal souls.


Featured Artist: She makes her threads talk

Narrator:  Subhadra Menon *Featuring : Jaya V. Chala
*Courtesy of Swagat (In Flight Magazine- Indian Airlines)

The incessant whirring of her motorized sewing machine filled the house, and I wondered with a good measure of curiosity, what her latest creation would look like. Would it be a young radiant woman candidly peeping out of a window or a wizened, old man drawing at his "hookah", with a far-away look in his eyes? For, having seen the myriad portraits, adorning the walls of her simple and attractive house, I really did not know what to expect. What I did know was that I was in the presence of an artist extraordinaire who could recreate every nuance of a human face from mundane articles like thread, cloth and a sewing machine!


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