Natural Collection

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CC069, Victoria regia (incl. V. amazonica & v.Cruziana) from (euraliacae)Allen, John Fisk, Victoria regia Botton, Printed and publishing by author Dutton Wentworth 1854, Water lilies grow profusely in the back water of south American rivers often covering the surface for several kilometers. The leaves are so strong that they ar eto bear the weight of a child without sinking.

CC065. Rhododebdrom dalhousiae, which grows epiphically in its native localities in the Himalayas it was named by J.D.Hooker in honour of Christina, Countess if Dakhousue(1786 1839). Hand coloured lithougraph by W.H.Fitch from from a drawing by J.D. Hooker then frontispice for Hooker's The Rhodidendrons of the Sikkim Himalaya (1839 51) Fitch  produced the magnificent plates for this book from party coloured field sketches by Hooker which are now kept at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew.
CC064, Pierre- Joseph Redoute, Belgain, 1759-1840 {Circle of Roses}. Watercolor on vellum. For fromtispiece of les roses. 24-2* 23.5cm.
CCO62. Herman Henstenburg, Dutch, 1667-1726(Floral Heart). Gouache on Vellum 35.1*29.5cm. Henstenburg, a very talented amareur, left only a few botanical painting. This is one of his very intricate works. By profession he was a pastry cook.