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Please see Obtaining a Publishing Quote to take the next steps in getting your book published

Indigo Press, a division of Print & Media Associates offers a range of customized services for your publishing needs. Let us help you transform your manuscript into a high-quality, beautifully designed paperback or hardback book. The result is would be a professionally presented book that is available through major on-line bookstores, and to bookstores, worldwide.

Self-publishing is a more reputable alternative to vanity or subsidy publishing. With self-publishing, the writer controls the entire process of publication, from cover design, to print style, to binding, and keeps 100% of his/her profits. Bookstores are somewhat more willing to carry self-published books, and critics to review them. Very rarely, major publishers will pick up successful self-published books: The Celestine Prophecy, a mega-bestseller from a big publishing house, was originally a self-published book, as was What Color is Your Parachute, the classic career-counseling handbook, and The Christmas Box, which netted its author a $4.5 million advance from Simon and Schuster!

Book Design We design a unique layout style for the text of your book. This process includes choosing an overall format. Once the layout style is designed, we will use it to do a complete layout of your book. We will also include any footnotes, endnotes, appendixes, glossaries, bibliographies, reference lists, and indexes that you give us, or we can create any of these components for you by special arrangement. The Preparing Your Manuscript page contains information about how these extra items should be prepared.

Cover Design We have expertise to create a unique full-color cover design to enhance your book. We can do it from "scratch," or using images you provide. We will include any texts for the front and back covers that are necessary or desirable, such as an author's biography, a synopsis, or recommending quotes from critics or experts. A book is pre-judged by its cover, particularly when on-line bookstores are the major sales channel. The cover displayed on screen is a very important focal point for selling the book, and we design book covers that grab the book buyer's eye.

Hardback books may, alternatively, have plain-color cloth or matte covers with foil stamping, and, optionally, full-color dust jackets.

Content reading and Correction An editor will carefully proofread your entire manuscript once for spelling, punctuation and obvious grammatical errors, making any corrections that in his or her judgment are necessary. The manuscript will be proofread a second time if the editor thinks it is warranted. We cannot guarantee perfection, that is why, after proofreading and correction are completed, you will be provided with the opportunity to read a proof copy of the book block and cover text, so you can see and approve it prior to your book's publication. (After author's approval and book publication, changes to the text of the book block or cover can be made by paying one low flat fee per revised edition.)

If your manuscript needs extensive professional editing of content, you can make this part of your contract with us, or use a professional editing service and then resubmit to us at a later date. We provide all kinds of customized content, be it writing for children, magazines, adults or for big corporates. We also have specialized editors with us to take care of every kind of web editing (no manuscript writing or editing please).

ISBN and Other Registrations Your book will be assigned its own International Standard Book Number (ISBN) which will appear on the copyright page along with a copyright notice in your name. We also generate a barcode for your book. 

Placement in Major On-line Bookstores The final step is to make your book accessible to the purchasing public. We will place your book with and some of the most visited on-line bookstores. On-line bookstores are rapidly becoming the most important book retailing channel. Through these bookstores your book will immediately become available to a worldwide audience. We will also sell your book through our on-line bookstore.

Distribution through Physical Bookstores Placements with some large book wholesalers Worldwide

Limited Marketing Services Currently Indigo Press limits its services to those described above, except by agreement with individual authors. Our principal business at this point in its development is the creation of high quality books on demand and their placement into the market through major book wholesalers and through on-line booksellers.   




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