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Published by:
thought katcher enterprises
Layout and Design:
MoVi. Nassau, Bahamas
ISBN No - 976817047- 6
Printed and Bound in India by:

Tears From My

Anku Sa Ra
Cleaveland. W. Eneas II

       Born Cleaveland Wilmore Eners III March 9, 1977 in Nassau, Bahamas, this budding poet has expressed himself via the spoken word at various over the past few years, such as "Speak Easy", "Koumba - Creativity" and "The Verse Place' , to name a few. He is also the co-producer of the local spoken word
       A recent graduate of Tuskegee University in May 2000, he graduated with honours attaining a degree in Biology. Cleveland, known as Trey for most of his life and now Anku, is presenting his thought in book form "Tears From My third ele". This account of Anku's experiences is everything he is and is becoming.
       Anku wishes his tears to saturate anyone who saturates this book with attention. One of the first of many projects to come, "Tears From My third ele" is all that will and won't expect.