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The Question of True Wealth
His Holiness the Dalai Lama
is the spiritual and temporal leader of the Tibetan people. His tireless efforts on behalf of human rights and world peace have brought him international recognition. He is a recipient of the Wallenberg Award (conferred by the U.S. Congressional Human Rights Foundation), the Albert Schweitzer Award, and the Nobel Peace Prize. 

Jacob and True Wealth

John Adams
, Ph.D. is Chair of the Organizational Systems PhD Program and Saybrook Graduate School & Research Center, on the Faculty for Organization and Management and the Graduate College of The Union Institute and Executive Director of Eartheart Enterprises. 

True Wealth
Dr. Emeka Nchekwube
is a Nigerian-born neurosurgeon who currently lives and practices in San Jose, California.He is a biotech entrepreneur who co-founded Paraquest, Inc, a company dedicated to development of affordable drugs for the third-world markets. 

With Eyes of Lotus
Mytrae Maganti
is a student of Vedanta and a devotee of Swami Chinmayananda. She is currently Director of Component Insights, Inc., a software company based in California and Bangalore. 

The Pantanal: A Letter to My Daughters
Richard McDermott
is a business consultant and travels extensively, designing large global organizations. He lives in Boulder Colorado with his two daughters where they spend as much time as they can riding their horses.

A New Prosperity
Verna Allee
is an internationally recognized thought leader, author, speaker and consultant in new business models, value networks, intangibles and knowledge management. She consults to both large and small companies, government agencies, and special task forces advising public policy in the United States and Europe. 

Creating a New Industrial Culture
Russsi M. Lala
is a noted best-selling author and publisher in India. He has been a director of the Sir Dorabji Tata Trust for over a decade and is co-founder and Chairman of the Centre for Advancement of Philanthropy.  

Creating a Tomorrow for Our Dreams
Satish Kumar Kaura
is founder and CEO of the Samtel Group, India’s largest integrated Cathode Ray Tube manufacturer. He is recipient of the Care for Nature Award of the World Wildlife Fund and Electronics Man of the Year awards from ELCIN in 1988 and CETMA in 1996. 

Corporate Citizenship
Madhur Bajaj
, Vice-Chairman of Bajaj Auto Limited, a leader in the 2 &3 wheeler sector, has a passion and compassion for humanity. He feels greatness is knocking at the doors of India – he is seeking partners ‘ to open  the door’ ! 

Creating Value out of Values
Anne Stadler
helps non-profit community groups and institutions of higher education, businesses, and government groups thrive in a changing environment, learn thorough conflicts, value diversity, and expand productive capacity. She mentors and teaches in the Graduate Management Program offered by Antioch University in Seattle, Washington, USA. 

True Wealth: Mahatma Gandhi as a Model
Gopal Basisht
is a practicing physician in Florida and for the last two decades has worked to improve relationships between India and the US and more recently in furthering the cause of peace between India and Pakistan. He has acted as a catalyst to found several path breaking organizations and has provided leadership in their early formative stages. 

Creating Corporate Wealth
Dr. V Krishnamurthy
, Chairman of Mascon Global Limited. Formerly Chairman of Steel Authority of India. A great visionary and creater of valuable Corporate wealth. 

Dan Zuckerman
is a mental health counselor and teaches T’ai Chi Chuan in Miami, Florida, where he lives with his wife, Susana Barciela. He grew up in an Air Force family and has lived in many different parts of the world. 

Realizing True Wealth
Améric Azevedo
is a techno-philosopher and educator at U.C. Berkeley, Berkeley, CA.  

Ubuntu: Reflections of a South African on the Wealth of our Common Humanity
Barbara Nussbaum
is the liaison to South Africa for the World Business Academy, where she has contributed several articles on Ubuntu, business and new paradigm thinking.

The Wealth of Relationship
David Coleman
is the Founder and Managing Director of Collaborative Strategies LLC. His firm works with electronic collaboration tools to foster productive relationships between a wide variety of organizations. 

The Wealth of Relationship
Susana Barciela
is an editorial writer for The Miami Herald. Her essay “Dharamsala Dreaming: A Traveler’s Search for the Meaning of Work,” is published in the book Insights on Leadership, edited by Larry C. Spears; John Wiley & Sons, Inc., 1998. 

True Wealth: Leaving a Legacy of Social Responsibility
Dennis Jaffe
, PhD. is a Professor of Organizational Systems at Saybrook Graduate School in San Francisco, and a founding member of the Aspen Family Business Group. He has written many books about his work with family wealth, and in creating collaborative organizational transformation. They include Take This Work and Love It, Rekindling Commitment, Working with the Ones You Love, and Getting Your Organization to Change. 

Wealth Experienced Requires Space
Pamela Mayer
is the Knowledge Manager for Granite Construction Inc., a large national civil constructor and materials producer; in this role she manages training and executive coaching. Pam’s expertise consists of creating social processes and systems which maximize learning, development, and economic value. 

The Quest for Gold
Michael Lindfield
is an author and former 14-year resident of the Findhorn Foundation in Scotland, who works to bring a deeper understanding of the creative rhythms and principles of the human spirit to everyday life. He is presently employed by the Boeing Company in Seattle as a senior consultant, tasked with supporting largescale changes of both the business and people systems. 

True Wealth—What It Is, and How to Be It
Arun Wakhlu
is True Wealth. You can contact him by meditating. Author of Managing from your Heart, Sage publications. Founder of Pragati Foundation and working towards Peace between nations.

From Movement into Magic
Aimee Bernstein
is founder and Chief Officer of Open Mind Adventures, a leadership, organization and personal development company guiding individuals in transforming their lives, their workplace and their communities. Her book, When Push Comes to Shove: 9 Timeless Principles for Turning Pressure into a Positive Force in Your Life, will be published in 2004. 

The Choices of a Wealthy Soul
Michael Norwood
is a Doctor of Chiropractic and a board certified kinesiologist and nutritionist. He is an author of the Wealthy Soul series and leads workshops in transforming adversity into wealth.

Wealth through Conversation
Peter Block i
s a noted author, consultant and speaker, who helped initiate the interest in empowerment, especially as author of several best-selling books including Flawless Consulting: A guide to Getting your Expertise Used, second edition 1999, Stewardship: Choosing Service Over Self-Interest (1993), and The Answer to How is Yes: Acting on What Matters, 2001. 

Creating your own True Wealth
Lt. Gen. S.S.Apte
is a mechanical engineer who took up management and productivity consultancy after retirement in 1984. He developed the Creative Problem Solving Process, which apart from solving problems actually transforms people and the organization. The transformation began with him first.  

Finding the Essence
Prasad Kaipa
, Ph.D., is the founder of SelfCorp, a CEO development company, and director of the TiE
Institute for Entrepreneurship. He focuses on helping senior executives to take their next significant step.

Quotes from
Ralph Waldo Emerson Dan Zuckerman
Eihei Dogen David Henry Thoreau
President Bill Clinton Helen Keller
Barry Carter John Ruskin