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About The Book

There is a powerful shift of consciousness underway all over the world and at every level of personal, business and economic life. People everywhere are redefining wealth and making different choices about where we invest our time and resources.

This book holds compelling reflections and inspiring stories about creating true wealth from recognized leaders and compassionate citizens. For some true wealth can be the pursuit of personal happiness. In the east it may be focused on a quest for Nirvana. In some cultures wealth has always been communal in nature. The search for true wealth can have different names, but universally true wealth seemingly enables the fulfillment of eternal human onging.

People will draw courage and hope from each other through the stories told in this book. Here you will find personal experiences that help us see our ordinary lives as extraordinary. You will find personal essays from those who leading new ways of calculating business success in terms of intangibles and contributing to the common good. You will experience the passion and hope that drives those who have undertaken the difficult task of shaping a new world of economics based on human and environmental success.

Editors Verna Allee and Dinesh Chandra have dedicated their efforts in this project to the Foundation for Human and Economic Development Royalties from sales of these books have been donated to FHED.

More About The Book

Our Vision for the Book

Our vision is that this book will not only capture the heart and spirit of this new thinking about wealth and value, but that they will act as a catalyst to speed the changes that are underway through conversations and study groups around the world. For it is through conversation that we learn together, dream together and make decisions for action. This universal question of wealth creation is one that cuts across cultures, across nations and across economic levels. It is truly a question for all of us, both at home and in business settings. In the last two decades people have begun to question traditional definitions of wealth on many levels. Businesses are beginning to consider intangible assets such as human competence and good relationships as the true foundation for success. At the economic level people are seeking ways that healthy ecosystems and quality of life can be factored into national accounts. At a personal level people are deeply appreciating that their true wealth lies in good health, quality relationships, safe communities and sustainable lifestyles. This book is holds compelling reflections and inspiring stories about creating true wealth from recognized leaders and compassionate citizens.

Published by Indigo Press,New Delhi India,

2003,Foundation For Human & Economic Development INC, USA
300 pages, hardbound,
6.5 inches x 9 inches.
Price: US$25.00
Bulk discounts are available for trade and academic institutions.