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Dinesh Chandra and Verna Allee

Chapter One: Defining True Wealth

Quotation                     Ralph Waldo Emerson
HH The Dalai Lama     His Holiness the Dalai Lama on the Question of True Wealth
John Adams                The Meaning of Wealth
Emeka Nchekwube     True Wealth
John Adams                 Jacob and True Wealth

Chapter Two: Lessons from the Earth

Quotation                     Eihei Dogen
Mytrae Maganti            With Eyes of Lotus
Richard McDermott      The Pantanal: A Letter to My Daughters

Chapter Three: Corporate Citizenship

Quotation                     President Bill Clinton
Quotation                     Barry Carter
Verna Allee                  A New Prosperity
R.M. Lala                    Creating a New Industrial Culture
Satish K. Kaura           Creating a Tomorrow for Our Dreams
Madhur Bajaj              Corporate Citizenship
Anne Stadler               Creating Value out of Values
Gopal Basisht             True Wealth: Mahatma Gandhi as a Model

Chapter Four: Other Forms of True Wealth

Quotation                  Dan Zuckerman
Améric Azevedo        Realizing True Wealth
Barbara Nussbaum    Ubuntu: Reflections of a South African on the Wealth of our
                                 Common Humanity
David Coleman         The Wealth of Relationship
Susan Barciela          In Search of True Wealth
Dennis T. Jaffee        True Wealth: Leaving a Legacy of Social Responsibility

Chapter Five: Spiritual Wealth

Quotation                David Henry Thoreau
Quotation                Unknown Author
Quotation                Hitopadesham—Pancha Tantra
Pamela S. Mayer     Wealth Experienced Requires Space
Michael Lindfield     The Quest for Gold
Arun Wakhlu           True Wealth—What It Is, and How to Be It
Aimee Bernstein
     From Movement into Magic

Chapter Six: Creating True Wealth

Quotation               Helen Keller
Quotation               John Ruskin
Dr. Michael R. Norwood The Choices of a Wealthy Soul
Peter Block            Wealth through Conversation
Lt. Gen. S.S. Apte Creating Your own Wealth
Prasad Kaipa         Finding the Essence
          Wealth, Love, Success


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Dinesh Chandra  Brief biography
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