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The workshop was organised by 'The Foundation for Human and Economic Development (FHED)', an organisation created to catalyze action and provide a support structure to 'Clean and Green' businesses, in India and abroad. Planted as a seed by Anil Sachdev, Dinesh Chandra and Prasad Kaipa, the Foundation has already attracted quite a few leaders in various fields to actively participate and promote the cause.

The workshop was held in the picturesque Himachal Pradesh, amidst beautiful forests of cedar, oak and rhododendron, at about 6300 ft above sea level in upper Dharamshala.Dharamshala has been a centre of learning since ancient times, and is thus an ideal choice as a venue. Scholars and philosophers from all over the world come here in their scholastic pursuits. Its close proximity to the Dalai Lama Centre and the Chinmaya Ashram at Siddbari, both of which are centres for deep reflection and learning, makes it the perfect place for intense dialogue as well as personal reflection. The retreat will also provide an opportunity to visit the Ashram and the Centre.

With deep introspection and deliberations for 3 days in this Himalayan retreat many thoughts emerged in the form of this book.The contributors have tried to ask themselves the question-

What is True Wealth and how do we create it?

In the last two decades people have begun to question traditional definitions of wealth on many levels. Businesses are beginning to consider intangible assets such as human competence and good relationships as the true foundation for success. At the economic level people are seeking ways that healthy ecosystems and quality of life can be factored into national accounts. At a personal level people are deeply appreciating that their true wealth lies in good health, quality relationships, safe communities and sustainable lifestyles. This book holds compelling reflections and inspiring stories about creating true wealth from recognized leaders and compassionate citizens. For some true wealth can be the pursuit of personal happiness. In the east it may be focused on a quest for Nirvana. In some cultures wealth has always been communal in nature. The search for true wealth can have different names, but universally true wealth seemingly enables the fulfillment of eternal human longing.
Our quest has just started!

For more about this workshops visit http://www.fhed.org/dharmashala.html